About Us

The Latin American Blockchain and Fintech Initiative (LABFin) was formed in 2018 by a group of projects including ChainZilla, Komodo Platform, and NEM. It is a platform for all companies - big or small, established or startups - active in the Blockchain and Fintech space. On the one hand, we are driven by innovation, entrepreneurship, and decentralization with an interest in the politics on the other. Our mission is to bridge the gap between these spheres.

LABFin primarily aims at supplying early and first-hand information about relevant political and regulatory developments which have an impact on the industry. It is a broad coalition of companies and organizations that have come together with a common goal – to make blockchain and fintech ecosystems more accessible and to promote further development of this transformative technology.

What is more, it provides strategic advice to companies seeking to implement blockchain technologies in their everyday operations. One of the main goals is the formulation of common policy positions and in actively communicating those views to key decision-makers so as to create a more favorable regulatory environment.




  • Incubate new projects and onboard them to known blockchain networks
  • Create new proof of concepts
  • Bridge fintech and blockchain apps


  • Hackathons
  • Development Workshops
  • Conferences

Community Building

  • Focus resources from different projects to accomplish common goals
  • Incentivize interoperable projects
  • Bring together public and private sector leaders
  • Increase focus on blockchain education

Mission Statement

LABFin’s primary goal is to promote the responsible use and development of blockchain and DLT (distributed ledger technologies) in the Latin American region and the rest of the world. We believe that these solutions have the power to create more inclusive and transparent economic, socio-political operating systems.

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Become a Member

Be part of the change to bring financial freedom to everyone. We are an inclusive group and welcome your application.

Benefits of being a member

It’s impossible to ignore the significance of technologies like Bitcoin, blockchain, and distributed ledgers. Someone needs to ensure that everyone can safely and legally:

  • Convert fiat currency into bitcoin and vice versa
  • Use bitcoin as a medium of exchange
  • Use bitcoin as a store of value
  • Launch tokens within the legal framework
  • Incubate new markets and applications

In Panama and Latin America, that someone is the LABFin. We can’t do this alone. We need your help. More specifically, we need your expertise, funding, and developers for the Latin American Blockchain and Fintech Initiative to fulfill its mandate.

As a member of the LABFin you will be able to:

  • Participate in the annual planning process for advocacy and training programs
  • Receive discounts and early access to events and products by our network and community
  • Receive access to exclusive projects and applications
  • Access a dedicated network of people working towards blockchain acceptance
  • Be part of the conversation to structure new legal frameworks for these technologies
  • Receive fast and reliable information about the latest regulatory and legislative developments

Contact Us

If you have any question please send us a message. Your message is very important to us.